Falling Over

This issue is pretty exciting to make—not just because we love making lists, but due to what we were able to unearth in the industry that made the cut. The family “trade” has evolved so much over the years that all the parenting equipment is out there. Nowadays, the only problem is the actual childrearing itself.


Speaking of parenting, our cover mom, Constance Zimmer, is obviously enamored with everything to do with her daughter, Coco. And how could she not be? Check out their story on p. 38 to have a glimpse of the BFFs domestic life. Constance is a ladies’ and guys’ girl—she crosses over seamlessly like that. She’s cool and carefree enough that you would want to be mommy friends and have playdates with her, and hot-looking in that way that men probably secretly wish their wives would have her type of body after childbirth. I know I covet those toned arms and flat tummy.


On the topic of birthing, I am well on my way to expanding our family for the 3rd time. This brings our brood tally to 2 daughters, 1 coming son, 1 labrador, and 1 golden retriever. I’ve said before that having two kids was enough, but I’m sure my youngest will complete our family even more. However, the experience might be different, because this little tyke is lying transverse, and I might be having a C-section. After two vaginal births (with epidural), I am hoping he will still turn, as I don’t have the time for bed rest post-surgery, especially with two little girls in school (and an asthmatic husband) needing my care.


For the meantime, I am obsessed with trying to get to 40 weeks, so baby’s lungs are developed as much for the outside world (earth-side, as others so suitably call it). Apart from the deadlines for the magazines, and helping out with our new family business in organic beef called The Farm (thefarm.ph for those of you in Asia—you can order online for delivery to your friends’ and family’s homes), I am consumed with poring over recipes and just salivating—over most foods, actually. I guess this is where my third trimester “surprise” weight gain stems from. Must stop ogling food porn. Next issue, I’d love to tackle your odd gastronomic pregnancy cravings (largely to make me feel better)—mine turned out to be corned beef, cream cheese, and fried white rice with garlic for breakfast, all in one spoonful.


Before my back breaks in half, I will force myself to stop working for a bit, and be in touch with you online. Please find me on Facebook as karizfavisofficial, or on Twitter and Instagram as karizfavis. If there’s anything that BC has given me, it’s the gift of friendship with other like-minded parents that would have just been complete strangers. Thank you again for all the support, and please pray for my delivery, or at least, just wish me luck.


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