Transverse Presentation, and a Possible C-Section


There are two things I didn’t expect to be doing this pregnancy: worrying about a transverse position of the coming tyke, and a possible C-section.


I am a control freak. Meaning for my past two births, I liked that I knew their genders in advance, and the fact that both my girls were in the correct cephalic position from the beginning. I am proud that as soon as I give birth (with epidural for the two), I walk around after a few hours of doing so. I like going home after a day or two because I prefer being in the comforts of my private space.


I’m now on my 32nd week, and the baby is resting comfortably horizontally in my tummy. Good that one of us seems comfortable with this. They say babies could turn the right way as late as 37 -39 weeks. I’m a month shy from doing all the tips fromĀ, as I don’t want to do it too early and risk the baby going breech or transverse again, in case my exercises and tricks are successful.


So what’s the point of this? Not much, just that I’m scared shitless. I fear that I am no longer in control of my body, and although this is my third time down this road, I feel like a newbie again. Am I irrational? Normal? A coward? I’m just praying to my higher power that this control freak can still grab the reins during delivery day– and more so, that there will be no unpleasant surprises moving forward.


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