Talking to Your Kids About the Colorado Movie Shooting

I came across this story pitch below in my email today. Hard to wrap my head around such a monstrous event. It makes me even more nauseous than I already am at this state in my pregnancy. What possesses these murderers, and what can I do to stay away from these types of people? Ugh, I am literally sickened. A random movie house shootout? How will we ever feel truly safe in this world?

How to talk with your kids re: the Colorado movie shooting:
Dr. Alan Hilfer, Director of Psychology at Maimonides Medical Center says:

-Simply have to talk kids about the fact that this is a horrible thing done by a very, very sick individual.

- Reality is that they have to be able to accept the fact that we can’t control everything in their lives, but reassure them parents and authorities will do everything in their power to make sure they are safe and protect them from harm.

- It was random and unpredictable.

- Have to be able to move through tragedies and not allow them to cripple you in their area of activities.  Life goes on, there are tragedies that occur in all ways, shapes and forms.

-Try to always be prepared as possible.

-Parents: try to address and take measures they can to protect from happening again.

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