Please help me choose: Going Home Outfit

Since I am quite entrenched in the children’s fashion industry (nature of the beast! hehe), baby’s going home outfit is important–especially since this is going to be our last child. I know I said that about my second daughter, but I won’t even be surprised if I carry octuplets (if I have another unplanned pregnancy).


So let me present the 3 choices, and you guys can help me decide. First time I’m having a boy, so it’s uncharted territory.



A: Oilily gift set…I like how he is “Born to Investigate…”




B: Little Marc Jacobs set (love the bear ears on the bonnet). Bib set sold separately.




C: Chick Pea Ana Soup gift set. So classic, yet dapper.


How do you feel about these? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?






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  1. ivana says:

    C.Chick Pea Ana Soup Gift Set. It looks neat :)

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