Musings–June 19, 2012

No trash, and no passing. Win-win.
  1. One Direction is in our car playlist. So isĀ Carly Rae. Ashamed to admit that I absolutely enjoy both artists at my age.
  2. During my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, I saw some kids in school with just a nanny and thought–do I have attachment issues? (Not looking for my husband to answer this one)
  3. Flatulence and slight belching–either way air comes out of your body. Temporary relief, so I’ll take it.
  4. Are those Facebook games safe for kids? Sometimes the girls tell me my “Avatar” comes on screen, I don’t even know how it happens.
  5. I seriously love school drop-offs, and get antsy when I’m unable to do so.
  6. I have somehow acquired domestic help trust issues–with reason.
  7. Several people have commented that I look thinner when pregnant. Go figure (literally).
  8. Terrified at my stomach looking like a deflated blimp once this is all over.
  9. Is surprised at the darkening of some body parts while pregster, even though this is already my third go.
  10. Shockingly under-sleeping throughout expectancy.
  11. Is excited for my care package to arrive from the U.S.
  12. Is interested in readingĀ 50 Shades, but is too buried in work.
  13. Turns out the soles of my feet are delicious, as per my Golden Retriever. Salty, maybe?
  14. Excited for the BC Exhibit, and cannot wait for it to be over at the same time.
  15. Does it make a parent a liar if they don’t tell their kids the truth about the Tooth Fairy, fairy tale princesses, and Santa Claus? Hmmm.

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