Caught with My Pants Down


I was watching Melissa McCarthy (of the comedy hit, “Bridesmaids”) on an Ellen rerun today. She was talking about how some workers in her house saw her with her pants down, wearing nothing but nude Spanx and an accidentally hiked up sweater. She didn’t know what was going on. Better to search for the clip online and hear her tell you–but let me tell mine…


True story: I was with my daughter at a Japanese restaurant/fast food in ATC. One of my girls needed to go potty, which always annoys me because I tell them to go before we leave the house, as I have a whole litany of things to do before they can get on the toilet: Generously douse seat with alcohol or Potty Spray, dry seat, throw wet TP, lay on fresh TP on seat, then make sure no body parts or undies of kid will hit the seat area. Whew. (By the way, we bring our own TP, so as not to waste others’ or be ready for places without them)


So we finish our business and wash our hands, while silently, I’m thinking that other people could have better toilet hygiene. How can women miss the toilet seat when all we have to do is crouch down? After finishing drying my hands, I open the restroom door with a frown on my face, only to see a shocked waiter looking directly at me. I discovered that my buttery-soft Urban Outfitters harem pants literally were down to my knees, and I didn’t feel a thing. Plus, I was wearing my granny panties. I quickly pull it up, go to our table, tell the story to my husband, and walked out with my head held high after receiving our take out. I vowed never again to return to that restaurant in my life.


Anyway, seeing Melissa on Ellen brought me back to the time BC was on Ellen (start at 1:26). .


Many, many, many thanks to one of my favorite hosts in the world, Ellen Degeneres, and her BFF (and BC cover mom), the lovely and charming Joely Fisher. Thank you, God, for that amazing opportunity that landed BC in what could be one of the biggest talk shows in the world. I’ll tell you about my dropping off of the BC copy at Ellen’s office on some other post.


Hi Oprah, I’m waiting for that call…

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