Elisabeth Rohm

We catch up with the charming (and very busy) film and TV actress, author, fitness advocate as she talks about boarding school, her two novels, diet sodas, Abduction, and how motherhood to adorable little Easton is the most important part of her life


Long before the Twilight series, this Prius-driving mom and Global Green supporter was already helping “promote” the whole vampire scene on Angel. More noteworthy, Elisabeth Rohm’s most famous on-screen role to date is of a stunning A.D.A. on Law & Order. In September, she plays Mrs. Harper in the highly-anticipated film Abduction, and is already signed on for four more films for the year. Learn how she balances a busy life without compromising her time with her husband, Ron, and their uber cute daughter, Easton.


Describe your years growing up. What were your biggest dreams as a young girl?
I was raised by a textbook hippy, so my childhood was about nature, meaning the outdoors and animals. Back then, my biggest dream was to work with animals, like being a vet or something of that nature. I was all about horses, dogs, and creatures.


You were born in Düsseldorf, but migrated to New York, then moved to Connecticut, then finally to Southern California. What was the transition like, moving around so much?
I really didn’t move around a lot. I was born in Germany and moved to NY when I was 1-year old. I attended high school and college in New York, so I had a very stable childhood in New York. However, I love being bicoastal.


Words by Kariz Favis

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