At Home with Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris is best known for her life in front of the camera on Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight. On a beautiful summer day in her lovely SoCal home in Encino, we had the good fortune of sitting down with Samantha to learn a little more about her fitness, fashion, and family life

Neil: This is very fun. Here we go. You’ve done a number of fitness modeling and fashion modeling, and you’ve had your second child. How long does it take for you to get back to that kind of shape after you’ve had a child?
Samantha: Well, I had no idea after my first pregnancy how long that would take, and thankfully, it came together pretty quickly. Within three months, I was back down to my fighting weight, and I would say it took another couple of months to firm and tone to get the place that I had hoped to be. I remembered shooting the cover of Muscle Fitness Hers Magazine, which was my first time post-baby, but my fourth cover for them, so the pressure was on because they knew how I looked before.

Photographs by Meeno Peluce
Words by Neil Garguilo
Styling by Kit Scarbo
Children’s styling by Kariz Favis and Marilyn Barton
Makeup by Rebecca Epifano
Hair by Arrick

To read the whole story, grab a copy of BC Magazine’s Anniversary 2011 issue.

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