App Freebies

Got a backseat full of kids with you? Keep them busy with these fun downloads.



Color Car Mania

Keep your kids interested during long car rides with this latest app. The goal is to find cars of certain colors; specific types of colors are worth different points. When a player spots a car of a certain color, they call out its color. Players can also have fun choosing their character images.

Animal Coloring for Kids Lite

Boost your child’s creativity by letting them fill in cute animal illustrations with color, using their own fingers! Ideal for ages 3 to 10, it features simple and easy-to-use interface, 18 color palettes, eraser functions, and saving variations. You can even set your kid’s finished work as a wallpaper.

Paper Toss: World Tour HD

Tagged as “the best casual game,” Paper Toss is now available on the iPad, with 10 exotic levels, higher resolution graphics, outstanding flick controls, and more animated paper. So grab your metal trash bin, and enjoy this simple and addictive game with your kids.


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