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“Hollywood Royalty” is a term that has been thrown around liberally over the years. We all know what it refers to—and the connotation that comes along with it—but, what does it actually mean?

What separates those who have a seat at the table from the holders of the scepter? On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Beverly Hills, we got the answer to that question, thanks to Tori Spelling and her family.


Like most people who have followed the entertainment industry for the last two decades, we are relatively familiar with Tori’s professional and public life. Her father, Aaron Spelling, holds the Guinness World Record for “most prolific television producer,” with a string of popular TV shows such as “The Love Boat,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “TJ Hooker,” to the more famous, “Melrose Place,” “Beverly Hills, 90210 (which became more controversial because Tori starred in it), “7Th Heaven,” and as of late, “Charmed.”


Tori, along with her mother, Candy, and brother, Randy, were housed in the 6-acre Spelling mansion in (where else) Beverly Hills from the time she was 17 years old. It is said to be the largest single-family home in California and is known as, “The Manor.” It reportedly has 123 rooms, a bowling alley, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, screening room and four, 2-car garages. The story of how Tori was given fake snow on their lawn—twice—so she could have a “White Christmas” in California is a Hollywood urban legend that Tori confirms to be actually true. Her mother, Candy, is notorious for her 44-carat diamond ring, and for gifting Tori with a collection of Madame Alexander dolls that were deemed untouchable. She even counts Dean Martin and Barbara Stanwyck as godparent. Google them, if you must. From “Beverly Hills 90210,” to “90210,” and every red carpet in between, Tori has been a series regular in American culture. As our shoot day progressed, we got to learn a little bit about her maternal ways. Tori and her husband, actor Dean McDermott, showed affection for their children that illustrated a refreshing, everyday side to these well-publicized figures.


While this family of four (five, as of press time) played in the living room, we got to see Stella and Liam (“Ladybug” and “Monkey” respectively, as they are known to mom and dad) have some fun with their parents, just like any other children. Although there is no question that we were dealing with entertainment blue blood, at the end of the day, it was just another family in love.


BC: How hands-on are you as a dad?

Dean McDermott: I’m very hands-on. I love being involved in every aspect of my kids’ lives.


BC: Do you help dress them up, or is that Tori’s territory?

DM: I usually dress Liam, and Tori takes care of Stella. I haven’t figured out the whole dress thing yet.


BC: How good are you at diaper duty?

DM: Let’s just say my record at changing a diaper is 43 seconds. We were at a store in New York, and I changed Liam in 43 seconds on my lap.


BC: Do you guys go the good cop, bad cop route when disciplining the kids?

DM: I’m more of the disciplinarian, so I would say Tori’s the good cop and I’m the bad cop.


BC: Do you and Tori still get to go out on dates?

DM: We go to sushi once a week together, and have sushi and sake at our neighborhood place.


BC: How’s a regular day like for the McDermott household, without the cameras?

DM: There’s a whole lot of nothing going on. We hang out as a family, watch movies, and eat.


BC: How would you like them to think of you as a dad?

DM: I’d like my kids to think of me as a loving, protective, and wise dad, who’s also a lot of fun.


BC: Congratulations on your best-selling first book, “sTORI Telling.” Why do you think it was so well-received?

Tori Spelling: I think people appreciate honesty. They like when you can talk about yourself—the good and the bad—and I tried to do it with humor so that it would be fun to read. I think that although I’m an actress in Hollywood, I’m still a normal, relatable girl at heart. I hope people see that!


BC: How is your second book, “Mommywood” doing?

TS: “Mommywood” is doing great! Yay! It’s on The New York Times Best Sellers List. If people liked my funny honesty in “sTORI Telling,” they’ll love “Mommywood.” It was a true passion for me because I got to write about the best experiences and moments of my life, being a mom.


BC: You’re doing a reality TV show called, “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” together with the closest people to you. How easy or difficult is this?

TS: “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” are the best home videos anyone could ever ask for! I love filming the show because it keeps our family together. We are a family that likes doing everything together, work and play, so the show is perfect for us. And it brings us closer to our fans because they get to see us as a family just living our lives.


BC: You reprised your role as Donna Martin in the “Beverly Hills 90210” spin-off show called “90210.” How was it like being part of the new show?

TS: I had a great time coming back as Donna Martin. I got to work with Jennie Garth again. We got to giggle and share stories about our kids all day long!


BC: We know that you are an entrepreneur, so aside from that, what brought you to designing your own children’s line, Little Maven?

TS: I’ve always been into fashion. I always dreamt of designing. I’ve been designing jewelry for years now, and have The Tori Spelling Jewelry Collection on HSN. So as a mom of two, the next step I wanted to take was baby and children’s clothing. I knew I wanted to mix [comfort] and color with stylish chic-ness and make it accessible for moms everywhere, so I created “Little Maven.”


BC: Favorite children’s clothes and products, aside from LM?

TS: We love Svan high chairs, Baby Jar blankets, Stride Rite shoes, Childish, and Orbit.


BC: Since we’re on the topic of clothes, you’ve definitely gone back to your pre-Stella size, or smaller. How were you able to accomplish that?

TS: I’m back to my pre-babies size, and to lose the baby weight this time, I just did it “the family way,” as I call it. I didn’t go to the gym once! As a family, we jogged, rode bikes, went swimming, and did yoga in our backyard. Liam does a great downward dog! We also tried to buy organic, and have started cooking healthy. I even make my own baby food—I have tons of creative and nutritional recipes I’ve come up with for Stella. She loves it!


BC: You have books, TV and film work, and a jewelry business. How do you manage to juggle everything, along with motherhood?

TS: Passion is passion. I do a lot, but I only do things I’m truly passionate about—all the while knowing my most important and top job is that of a mommy. Everything else is creatively fulfilling, but comes second.


BC: What would you want your children to remember the most when they grow up?

TS: I want them to remember to always be themselves, and to know how much they are loved.






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